About the Foreign Wife…

By no means would I consider myself a cook- in any cuisine! Being married to a Turk going on 8 years has only resulted in culinary abilities comparable to your average 10-year-old Turkish girl (which says nothing of that girl’s talents!) After having 2 children who are now old enough to demand food that does not come in a box or a can, and realizing that living off take-out from our very own Turkish restaurant is inadequate, I have decided to change. Laugh along with me and also gain some motivation as I begin my journey to becoming an honorary Turkish housewife. Not only will I include my adventures in cooking, but other “simple” household knowledge, straight from the sister-in-laws. I apologize if some of the tips or revelations make you say “DUH!”, but I’m about as a domestic as a goat (Sorry goats).

***Disclaimer- In no way is this blog associated with the TV series “Yabancı Gelin” ***


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