>Dereotlu Peynirli Yumurta- "Dill and Feta Cheese Scrambled Eggs"


Again, the picture does little in the way of showcasing a great-tasting breakfast!

What sounds like an odd combination of ingredients adds up to a surprisingly satisfying breakfast alternative. My husband, Aziz, had been making this for me at the restaurant until I demanded that he teach me how to make it at home.

4 eggs, scrambled
1 tbsp. chopped, fresh dill (adjust to suit personal preferences)
2 tbsp. soft feta cheese (not the usual hard feta that you use to top salads-this should be a creamier consistency that will “melt” when heated)
1 tbsp. butter

Melt the butter in a skillet over medium heat.

Add the feta cheese and “melt” it down until bubbly.

Add the dill, stir, then pour in the eggs and stir while cooking until they reach desired consistency.

Keep in mind that adding cheese to eggs will make them look runny or uncooked, no matter how long you keep heating. I like my eggs well-done, or dry, but my husband prefers what I call “wet and raw.” We meet in the middle on this dish. Serve with bread for dipping!!


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